Sofa Cleaning Service in South Delhi

Along with sofa dry cleaning, we also do sofa cum beds and couches in prime quality. We make the best sofa cleaners in Delhi because our services are wide-ranging. Be it an event, festival or homecoming, timely rituals of couch cleaning, settee cleaning and cushions cleaning services are a must. We are quick on our feet as well as services. But when we clean your couch, we patiently go through the process using antiseptic washer’s fabric softeners and hygienic detergents.

At Sofa Cleaning, we believe that everything should be done in a given procedure. No matter how many times we do this, we go through three steps of cleaning to generate the best results for your furniture. The steps are as follows:

Vacuuming: We begin by using a vacuum cleaner on every corner of your sofa. This helps all the dirt and dust to fall into a closed space, so that it cannot re-enter your living space.

Injection: Once the vacuuming is initiated, the sofa can undergo injection. This is when effective cleaning agents such as antiseptic washers, fabric softeners and hygienic detergents. This not only cleanses the sofa but also make it look fresh and lifelike.

Extraction: No process can finish without extraction. After injection, the process is complete when all the residual dirt is also extracted. Like the other two steps, this step is highly essential to our cleaning process.

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